Best College Parties

Good Studies When you think about college first that comes to your mind is hard studying with no end. But then your thoughts fly to the pleasant side of college life and the word Party makes you feel better.

College parties are one of the things you will remember all your life and make stories when you are old. Throwing a good college party is not an easy job to do. This article is made to help you to prepare properly and make the right choices in order to organize the party all your friends will talk about next few months.

So you want to throw a college party?

If you do, follow these steps to make the process of preparing for it easier and the final results better:

  • Find a proper location;
  • Choose a theme for your party. Students love theme parties as they are always fun. While picking up a theme pay attention to the time of the year, number of guests, trends and other details to make the best choice;
  • Think about the budget of the party. You can always ask for some small cover charge at the entrance;
  • Secure the place. Close the rooms the guests should not enter, get your pets out of the party space, etc. Make sure you will not bother anyone with noise in order to not meet police on the party night;
  • Promote your party. Do it through creating flyers, creating a group on Facebook or just word of mouth.
  • Prepare for next-day cleaning. Make an agreement with some of your friends to help you to clean all the mess after a fun night;
  • Make sure you have a laptop with speakers, a so-called DJ, party lights and other things aimed to entertain your guests.

Most popular college theme parties

Toga party

A classic party theme always brings success. Toga party has already become a college party classic and is an important part of college history. Everyone loves it and visit it at least once while studying in college. The costumes are easy to make and look beautiful. Toga party is always fun!

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Black light party

This is another college party classic. It is easy to set up and don’t need whimsical costumes. The host should place black lights all over the party space and use white items that will light up and glow. White cloths are the only requirement for your guests appearance if they are coming to black light party.


Choose a decade and enjoy funny costumes your guests will wear. Twenties, Sixties, Eighties these decades were full of bright colors and will add fun and attractiveness to your party. You can also choose a hippie party or a disco party. Appropriate music is also very important to make the atmosphere to the times you want to recreate.

I’m glad I’m not

Ask your guests to come in funny costumes of someone they are glad they are not. Here everyone can use his imagination and create some special costume. It can be a costume of one of your unloved professors, movie characters or pop stars. Let your guests express their creativeness and see how much fun you will have.

Trendy movie or TV show

If there is some movie or TV show, everyone is talking about why not to use it for your own party? If your friends are excited about some new drama or reality show, they will be excited about attending the party devoted to it. Ask people to dress up like the characters of the chosen movie or show and create some decorations corresponding to its sets and themes. You can choose some show everybody loves to hate too  it will be even more fun.

Season party

Pick the season that is opposite of the one you are in. Beach-themed party in the middle of winter always will attract many people and remain in their memory as something special. Be sure to create an appropriate atmosphere and the success of the party that bring a little warmth and a summer shade to everyone is guaranteed.


It is always fun and in the same time does not require any special clothes or decorations. You can find tones of masks in every cheap store. Add good music, lights and bright balloons and a party atmosphere is ready.

Animal theme

What can be funnier than seeing your classmate in the costume of opossum? You will be surprised with the variety of costumes your guests will wear.